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Happy Easter! Easter Bunny Workout

Happy Easter MPT

Happy Easter from Moriarty PT!  Dr. Quinn has been known for embracing holidays, traditions, and any other special day that allows him the excuse to put on a costume.  The Easter Holiday is no different- so in Dr. Quinn form, he dressed up as the Easter Bunny and cared for all of his patients while dressed in the big white Bunny Costume.  This always involves laughter and pictures, all while Dr. Moriarty is trying to understand exactly why she married this fool!  Dr. Quinn wanted to do something different this year to help promote fitness and movement during the Holiday Season.  Normally during this Holiday Season, people load up on candy, chocolate, and Peeps that are loaded with artificial sugars and other unhealthy ingredients.  Along with the influx of sugar, many families have these huge traditional meals made that can sometimes surpass the Thanksgiving calorie count!  Sitting and eating all of this food and sugar can just add unnecessary weight gain when many people are just starting to work off the pounds they put on during the Winter Holiday!   So the Easter Bunny this year is going to not promote candy… it’s going to promote EXERCISE!  Easter this season has coincided with the last week of the CrossFit Open 16.  Moriarty PT Team Members Dr. Mendola and Dr. Taft had participated in the CrossFit Open that was being held by our friends at Warlock Athletics.  Since Dr. Quinn was unable to compete this year in the Open, he felt inclined to perform the CrossFit Open 16.5 as the Easter Bunny.  Watch the video below to see Dr. Quinn having some fun performing the Open 16.5 with his silly ears on white bunny costume!  Everyone have a great Holiday with your friends and family… and remember everyone… get up and move!

Easter Bunny CrossFit



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