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National Pi-Day Workout


National Pi-Day Workout Moriarty Physical Therapy

Welcome to the National Pi-Day Workout!  No this is not national PIE day but the mathematical symbol Pi day!  Since around 1988, March 14 has been a celebrated as Pi-Day for both Math fanatics and non-mathematicians alike.   For National Pi-Day, some members of our Team at Moriarty PT will be attempting this 3.14 themed workout.  The other reason we are performing a workout of this nature is to prove that exercise does not have to be limited to what we perceive it to be.  Exercise and working out has a stigma that it has to involve weights or a machine… and it must be in a gym.  Both of these beliefs are false.  This workout proves that you do not need equipment… just your body and some floor space to perform an exercise activity that will test your mobility, strength, and endurance!  The workout is split between a cardio-based section and a power/core based section.  This is a timed workout routine that will incorporate movement in all the major muscle groups in the body.  With these combined movements and NO WEIGHTS or MACHINES, a maximum heart rate can be achieved while reaching a level of exertion throughout the body.   National Pi-Day is a way of introducing the number Pi and it’s effect on mathematics, science, and physics to the world in a fun way.   Why not utilize this number as a way of breaking out of the old and tired mold of exercise and introduce a different philosophy for exercise!  Oh… and when we complete this Pi workout… we are DEFINITELY going to eat some Pie!

National Pi-Day Workout 2016

3 Minute Cardio

  • 1min Jumping Jacks
  • 1min Burpees
  • 1min Split Jumps

1 Minute Rest

4 Minute Power

  • 1min Push-Ups
  • 1min V-Ups
  • 1min Overhead Squats
  • 1min Planks with Rotation

Rest 3.14 minutes and then repeat the workout

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