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The Marcy Wedge (Review) – Use it or Lose it. Belt line Talk

Use it or Lose it

During this week’s series of Belt Line Talk, Dr. Quinn and Dr. Tarnovetchi host an episode of Use it or Lose it.  Use it or Lose it episodes are when either Dr. Quinn or Dr. Tarnovetchi bring in a surprise piece of equipment for the other doctor to review.  These are blind reveals of equipment found on the internet or in the local physical therapy or exercise community.  During the review, both doctor’s discuss their opinion on the equipment and whether there is any relevance in both the rehabilitation environment or within the home.

The Marcy Wedge

This week’s Use it or Lose it discussion is a review of the Marcy Wedge.  The Marcy Wedge is a mobile piece of equipment with a focus on wrist strengthening.  The Wedge fits over the users wrist and hand, and allows for strengthening in both wrist flexion and wrist extension.  Dr. Quinn introduces the Marcy Wedge to Dr. Tarnovetchi- will he want to Use it or Lose It?  Will Dr. Quinn and Dr. Tarnovetchi agree or disagree on the verdict?  Watch the video and see!

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