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Pediatric Physical Therapy in Apex, NC

Moriarty PT pediatric physical therapyIf you’re searching for an all-inclusive physical therapy facility for your child, take a look at Moriarty Physical Therapy’s Raleigh, North Carolina, location. Every child deserves attention to enable them to attain the best possible quality of life. Whatever their condition or age, acquired or congenital, our team at Moriarty can assist your child in improving pain and increasing mobility with our physical therapy for children.

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What is Pediatric Physical Therapy?

Pediatric PT is for children who are less than 18. Children may experience developmental issues that cause issues with mobility. While it’s simple for most people to lean over and grab an object or stroll across the street, it could be difficult for children to tackle these difficulties. This is why physical therapy for children is so important!

Our physical therapists for children have helped children suffering from different ailments. Our therapists work with children with bone, muscle, or genetic issues and sports-related injuries and physical ailments.

What is the Best Age for Pediatric PT?

ankle painPediatric PT is for anyone who is a young person or child who is younger than 18. The ideal age to get your child in for PT for children or PT for young adults is when you observe any signs of trouble, or they notify you of a problem. It’s important to book an appointment by contacting us because the sooner we can work with your child, the better. A study showed that people that received physical therapy early showed significant improvement in their condition.

Early PT can also benefit your child in developing confidence. Children often feel excluded from activities due to their condition. The disorder may be a factor or the cause; early PT could help them engage in fun activities. It also gives your child a better understanding of their situation and how to manage it.

Infant PT is the first stage to begin. It might be required due to a congenital problem or a deficiency in development. Toddler PT and teens PT might also be required due to the same reasons. However, in certain situations, they could need PT due to injuries sustained during play, also known as sports-related injuries.

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Pediatric PT Can Improve Many Conditions

Our pediatric physical therapists have helped children and teens with many conditions. We’ve worked with children to improve their symptoms and quality of life with conditions such as: 

  • Orthopedic impairment(s)
  • Slow motor development
  • Problems adjusting to routines 
  • Walking gait irregularities
  • Down syndrome
  • Genetic diagnoses
  • And more

Don’t be concerned if your child’s condition isn’t covered here. This doesn’t mean that we cannot assist. Contact us even if their conditions aren’t listed. We’re always willing and open to help your child and assist them to be more comfortable and relaxed through PT!

Pediatric Physical Therapy Services

Your child’s first therapy session will be based on the condition or disorder that we’re working to treat. The treatment for your child is going to be enjoyable and fun, making them comfortable. Their comfort matters because they may be vulnerable, knowing they are different from other children. Our appointment services consist of the following:

  • Mobility coordination
  • Strength and endurance
  • Motor Skill development
  • Posture control
  • Prosthetics adaptation
  • Muscle toning
  • Sports injury recovery
  • And more

No matter the PT service your child needs, we can provide it. Our services have helped infants, toddlers, and teens like your own adapt, recover, and feel better about themselves.

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Your local Moriarty pediatric PT specialist in Raleigh, near Apex NC, is eager to help your child. Remember, the earlier you bring them in, the sooner their condition will improve. We’re excited to meet your child. We will welcome them with open arms to make them feel comfortable and accepted.

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