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Spend the day with Dad hiking, biking, or running.

#FathersDay is just around the corner!  Give Dad some love by spending some quality time by either hiking, biking or a brisk run. There is no better way to spend Father’s Day than a weekend family fun filled event that gets the heart pumping.
There are lots of trails to hike, bike or even spend the weekend in the pool. Water volley ball is a great way to have fun with the family and beat the heat while getting your joints limber and smooth out those muscles. Wow, Dad’s going to love this!
Make Father’s Day the day you make a commitment to good health, there’s lots of good reasons:
  • Physical therapy helps to manage weight.
  • Exercise helps reduces stress levels and raises self-esteem.
  • Being active boosts your mood and improves your sleep.
  • Physical therapy strengthens muscles.
  • Walking is a low-impact exercise helps get the blood pumping to your heart.
One of the best sports to enjoy is golf. Walking the course is so good for you, and you and your father can play together way into his golden years. Okay, not everyone is that great at golf. Hello mini-golf. Get the little one’s out there this father’s day weekend and have some fun.
If it’s raining, then take Dad to the bowling alley. Like golf, your Dad can enjoy time with you well into his twilight years. It’s fun and a great way to stretch out those joints and ligaments.
This is no greater gift than good health. Make this year’s Father’s Day the start of spending some quality time with Dad.
Happy Father’s Day!


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