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The Secret to Running is a Neutral Spine

Running correctly is not a matter of image, but rather form
Core stability is just as important as core strength to run effectively. In order to ensure core stability, you need to adjust posture while standing to move yourself forward faster. This is not about how you begin to run, but how you maintain a “neutral” spine while running. At the Olympics, you can see that runners have a specific gait when running, that helps them gain the inches and feet ahead they need to bring home the Gold. Even in our logo, you can see proper running form in motion.


Begin with checking your stand, look at a mirror from multiple angles to ensure you are following form.
  1. Are your shoulders rolled forwards?
  2. Is your butt pointed back?
  3. Are your ribs flared forwards?
  4. Are your tailbone and pelvis underneath your ribs?
When you know these positions are correct, you need ensure that your muscles can flex correctly. A minor detail to most viewers, but if your muscles cannot flex the way they need to during a race, you will be hit by cramping at the worst possible time. The order in which you can complete these flexes can be timed to increase their exertion on your stride. Just like using an inhaler, you need to inhale after and not before you puff, or else the medicine will not enter your body.
  1. Can you squeeze your glute muscles while holding your pelvis under your ribcage?
  2. After that, you need to engage your abdominals, to push oxygen and control the reverberations of hitting the ground.
  3. When running, take that posture we described before and transform it. Pull your tailbone under while holding your ribs down.
To practice this, you need to practice the plank exercising.
As you squeeze your muscles it activates your abdominals. As you squeeze you butt, it helps you maintain your core. This will ensure that you can propel yourself faster and handle the stress of running.




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