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Faster Surgery Recovery with Physical Therapy

Physical therapy before and after surgery gives you the best chance of a quick recovery.
The two most critical factors to achieving a successful recovery after surgery are pre- and postoperative rehabilitative services. Physical therapy, a branch of rehabilitative health, is mainly associated as a means for post-surgery recovery. However, many are not aware of the vast benefits of pre-op rehabilitation programs.
Preoperative Physical Therapy  
The road to recovery doesn’t have to wait until after surgery. Pre-op physical therapy also known as pre-habilitation, sharply improves post-op recovery. According to the study published in the Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery, undergoing physical therapy before an operation diminishes the need for post-surgery care by 30%. By training and preparing your muscles in advance for the exercises you’ll need to do in rehab, you can make that exercise more efficient and effective. Physical therapy allows you to get in the best physical condition prior to surgery to ensure optimal recovery. Pre-surgery physical therapy benefits include:
  •        Mentally prepares you for surgery
  •        Strengthens and tones your muscles
  •        Enhances stamina
  •        Minimizes the challenges of post-op daily activities
  •        Normalizes movement patterns prior to surgery
The consequences of not doing physical therapy may prolong your healing process and even lessen your chances for the best possible recovery. Patients who engage in pre-op physical therapy are more likely to experience lower levels of post-surgery pain and feel more assured about their surgery.
Postoperative Physical Therapy
Physical therapy is typically recommended following an orthopedic surgery such as operations on the neck, shoulder, hip, knee, foot, and spine to facilitate a speedy recovery. Returning to daily activities after surgery is nearly impossible without the proper post-op care. The body will not regain normal motion without specific and persistent training. Post-op physical therapy aims to minimize the unfavorable effects of surgery such as swelling, aching, and pain as well as restoring your range of motion. Post-op physical therapy benefits include:
  •        Prevent re-injury
  •        Help return to safe normal movements/activities
  •        Restore joint mobility, flexibility, and strength
  •        Improve muscular control of the injured joint
While rest is an essential component to recovery, too much rest can be detrimental. Most people think healing is impaired by early movement after surgery. While this is true of some surgeries, the risk of excessive rest often outweighs the benefits of getting patients moving. Minimal physical activity and bedrest result in loss of muscle and weakening of the body. Scientific evidence shows that stimulation of movement, especially in the early stages of healing, is a crucial part of recovery.
Physical therapy is key in regaining maximum function. All efforts should be made to enforce pre and postoperative movement. Doing both pre-hab and rehab allows you to get back on your feet sooner, stronger, and with more confidence.
Consult with your physical therapist to establish a rehabilitative program that best fits your needs and goals. Don’t wait to begin recovery, start today!

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