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Physical Therapy Benefits During Pregnancy: All Your Questions Answered

Physical Therapy Benefits During Pregnancy: All Your Questions Answered

Physical Therapy Benefits During Pregnancy: All Your Questions Answered
Pregnancy can be a beautiful, yet painful time of a woman’s life. Seeking the proper care can make the experience more positive.
When a woman is pregnant, there is a great deal of emotion and bliss that can occur during the experience. However, on top of that, there is also a great deal of pain that one can experience while the baby develops.
The Simple Solution: Physical Therapy
Go to a Physical Therapist before the pregnancy, and after to experience the least amount of pain. You may have questions about seeking a PT, and we have your answers.
Why does my back hurt so much?
Many physical changes occur and you must deal with an influx of relaxing, progesterone, and estrogen. Additionally, the woman is affected mentally, physically, and emotionally. The most common pain comes from one’s back and pelvis, which is quite typical. In fact, during pregnancy, around 50-70% of women experience back pain due to extra pressure on the pelvis.
Causes of pain during pregnancy.
Factors such as smoking, weight gain, or past back or pelvis pain can put someone more at risk for back pain during pregnancy. Additionally, when you are pregnant, your center of gravity shifts, forcing your muscles to work harder and pain to occur, and causing you to slump forward. Triggers of this include:
> Bad posture
> Joint alignment
> Muscle strength
> Flexibility
> Increase in hormones
> And / or nerve involvement.


Why does pregnancy have to be so painful?
Physical therapists work with patients individually to create a treatment plan, addressing causes of pain, and thus reducing pain. Physical therapy will enhance your body’s ability to smoothly have a baby and successful pregnancy. Reap the benefits of comfort armed with home exercises develop for you and baby from your physical therapist that includes an active, passive and exercise based approach.
Benefits of Physical Therapy
Physical therapy will significantly reduce and often eliminate the pains associated during a pregnancy and post pregnancy. Physical therapy exercises will help you:
> Improve balance and support
> Feel less pain
> Improve your strength
> And increase support on your muscles.
What is my first step?
Call a physical therapist to get individualized attention. Upon your first visit, a PT will help you get started with a plan that works for you. Here are some things you should keep in mind when selecting a PT:
> Find a certified PT experienced in identifying potential weaknesses with proactive steps to offset issues before they arise.
> Look for a PT who is focused on building strength, improving your posture, and benefitting your flexibility.
> Aid in reducing and relieving pain or discomfort you might be experiencing.
> Exercise programs that you can do at home.
> Find a PT who can spot an oncoming weakness, and address it before it becomes an issue.


Moriarty Physical Therapy is a premier PT center in the Hudson Valley. To find out more about physical therapy or to book your first appointment with a PT, contact Moriarty Physical Therapy at (845) 454-4137 or visit their website

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Come visit one of our physical therapy clinics in New York or North Carolina and one of our Doctors of Physical Therapy will do a 15-minute consultation to see if physical therapy is right for you. In the consultation, we’ll help determine the source of pain and movement restrictions to see if you would benefit from physical therapy or might need the assistance of another healthcare professional. If so, we’ll make a referral and help speed up achieving your health goal.

You have nothing to lose; the screening is free! And if physical therapy could help you, we can perform the examination right then–even without a prescription–with Direct Access (covered by insurance).

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