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Recovering from an injury can be a long and difficult process. That’s why it’s so important to work with physical therapists who can get you back to your old self as quickly as possible. The doctors at Moriarty Physical Therapy are trained in the latest techniques and can customize a physical therapy plan that will work best for you.

The benefits of physical therapy

When most people think of physical therapy, they assume it’s only for someone who has been injured or is recovering from surgery. In reality, physical therapy can benefit everyone. As people age, they often resign themselves to thinking chronic joint and back pain is just something that will be part of their life. Though, this doesn’t have to be the case. With physical therapy, chronic pain can be reduced or even eliminated in some cases.

Physical therapy is also great for helping to prevent injuries. Physical therapy can help you stay active and improve your physical performance. Everyone from professional athletes to weekend warriors can benefit from preventative physical therapy.

Pre-surgical patients are another group who can benefit from physical therapy. They can see a reduction in recovery time and lower their chances of further injury. The professionals at Moriarty Physical Therapy create pre-surgical plans custom-tailored to fit the individual needs of the Apex, North Carolina community.

Our specialties

The doctors at Moriarty Physical Therapy can help you improve the quality of your life and get you back to your old self. We specialize in a wide array of physical therapy services including:

  • Pre-surgical orthopedics
  • Post surgical orthopedics
  • Non-surgical orthopedics
  • Pediatric specialties
  • Geriatric specialties
  • Women’s specialties
  • Injury prevention programs
  • Balance & vestibular specialties
  • Functional movement
  • And more!

How to get started

If you experience pain in the morning or avoid certain movements throughout the day, you may benefit from the help of a physical therapist. Starting physical therapy is a simple process and doesn’t require a referral from a doctor. Moriarty Physical Therapy also accepts all insurance including Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Medicare and Medicaid.

We also offer free Exploration Visits for people in Apex, North Carolina, and other nearby communities like Morrisville, seeking physical therapy. This is a one-on-one consultation with a movement specialist who can help address and identify the source of mobility problems and pain.

Contact us today

The best way to find out how physical therapy can have a positive effect on your life is to contact the experts at Moriarty Physical Therapy. We are the trusted experts for the Apex, North Carolina community. If you would like to schedule your free Exploration Visit or want more information, contact us today.

Schedule a FREE 15-minute Exploration Visit

Come visit one of our physical therapy clinics in New York or North Carolina and one of our Doctors of Physical Therapy will do a 15-minute consultation to see if physical therapy is right for you. In the consultation, we’ll help determine the source of pain and movement restrictions to see if you would benefit from physical therapy or might need the assistance of another healthcare professional. If so, we’ll make a referral and help speed up achieving your health goal.

You have nothing to lose; the screening is free! And if physical therapy could help you, we can perform the examination right then–even without a prescription–with Direct Access (covered by insurance).

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