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Ouch! Being A Slave To Fashion Is A Pain In The Neck

Being a slave to fashion is not good for your neck. High heel shoes and an oversized designer bag put added stress on your neck, shoulders and back. When your body is not aligned, you are more prone to injury.
Bags are great, women love their chunky charm and fill them up with necessities. A lot of women talk on their cellphones while carrying these bags. This only intensifies the problem. Carrying a heavy bag in high heels is going to lead to soreness. And possibly injury.
The American Chiropractic Association recommends that a handbag should weigh no more than 10 percent of your body weight. Spare your neck and back the burden of being a slave to fashion.
Before jetting out the door, pick up your bag and feel the weight. Take a moment to lighten the load. Remove all unnecessary items. Think about putting the bigger items in another bag altogether. Laptops, chargers, work-out cloths and an extra pairs of shoes should go in another bag. Leave the extra bag in the trunk of your car. Or put all your hardware and fashion accessories in another bag with wheels.
The side-effects of carrying a heavy purse is like over exercising. As with any strenuous workout, muscles can strained, leading to joint pain. A anti-inflammatory,  gentle stretching and a warm epsom salt bath can help. Rest and a much lighter bag will get you back to normal in no time.
There are ways to limit the strain on your neck and shoulders. Instead of always carrying a bag on the one side. Switch the bag from shoulder to shoulder. Square your shoulders to keep the bag straps from slipping. Proper posture is a must. Maintain proper form, keep the bulk of the purse toward the center of your body. The strap should rest close to the neck.
When neck and upper back muscles become strained, the shoulders can become rounded. And the head sags forward. Poor posture puts more stress on the spine as well as muscles and ligaments. Poor posture may lead to chronic or recurrent neck pain. This can lead to stiff joints, upper back pain, shoulder blade pain, and headaches.
In most cases, a neck exercise program can help address most of these symptoms:
Neck stretches. Stretching helps expand the range of motion and elasticity in affected joints. This relieves the stiffness that accompanies neck pain. In most cases stretching is best done every day.  And even several times a day.
Neck strengthening. Strengthening exercises help maintain improved posture. This can diminish recurrent neck pain. Do strengthening exercises every other day. This will allow muscles time to repair themselves.
Consult a health professional such as a physical therapist, before beginning any neck stretching exercise program.
To learn more about physical therapy treatment programs for neck and back pain. Set up a free exploratory examination with one of our doctors today. 
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