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Mobility Minute: Core Strength (For Runners)

 Having a strong core improves your running while also preventing injuries 
Whether running for fun, fitness, or to be fast. Having a strong core improves your running while also preventing injuries. Core strength sets a solid foundation for strength and balance throughout the rest of your body.
The Pallof Press core strength training exercise trains your core to act as a stabilizer. Essentially, the Pallof Press integrates the upper body with the lower body for maximum movement. The goal of this exercise is not to get super ripped abs but instead to learn how to control your body and transition it into something dynamic like running.
For the Pallof Press exercise you will need an elastic band that you can tie to a sturdy surface. For the best results, do this exercise while kneeling down on one or both knees. By doing so, you are focusing heavily on keeping your core engaged and activated.


When running, core strength allows the pelvis, hips, and lower back to work together smoothly for optimal energy usage.
The exercise is fairly versatile and can be tweaked to fit just about anyone’s needs or goals. See our video below on Core Stability and subscribe for more videos on physical therapy tips! 

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