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Keep Moving Following Injury: Prevent Arthritis Late In Life

Prevent Arthritis Late In Life
Don’t sit around because your joints hurt. Stay active to maintain strength and cardiovascular fitness. Do not put repetitive stress on already injured joints. If your knee hurts and you can’t run, get on a bike or swim. Cross train with activities that place less stress on the knees.
Don’t Give Up On Physical Activity
Lifelong physical activity helps limit symptoms associated with joint pain. Start paying more attention to your body, the foods you eat, and your wellbeing.
People are living longer.  And that equates to being susceptible to degenerative joint disease.  As your joints protective cartilage and bones wear down pain, stiffness, and instability result.
Offset Post-Traumatic Osteoarthritis
In the rush to get back in the game, there is a temptation to play through the pain. Even without an acute injury, repetitive impact on a joint can lead joint damage down the road.
Don’t short-circuit the rehabilitation necessary to allow the joint to heal completely. That kind of thinking, could set the stage for a painful chronic problem years later.
Without proper treatment at the time of an injury, osteoarthritis is probable later in life.  Restore strength and flexibility of the immediately after an injury. Problems may arise years later if the injured joints are not treated from the onset.
Therapy must focus on strengthening structures that support the injured joint. The goal is to maximize stability while reducing the risk of reinjury.
Injuries are likely to reoccur if the initial injury is not properly treated. People with a history of trauma, are more likely to develop arthritis. Work with a physical therapist who specializes in osteoarthritis recovery treatments.
Stay active and enjoy life.
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