Direct Access Can Help…

Save Money

Less Unnecessary Doctor’s Visits
Less Unnecessary X-Ray Studies
Less Unnecessary Medications
Less Visits of Physical Therapy

Save Time

Less Time Wasted after Injury
Faster Recovery Time
Less Time in Pain
Less Time in Physical Therapy

Save Your Body

Less Chance of Chronic Injury
Less Chance of Further Injuries
Less Chance of Needing Surgery

What is Direct Access?

Covered by Insurance

Direct Access to Physical Therapy means that you can get examined and treated by a Doctor of Physical Therapy without a prescription or referral from a Medical Doctor, Surgeon, or other Healthcare Provider.  The examination and treatment through Direct Access is covered by your insurance carrier. Direct Access to Physical Therapy allows faster access to pain relief and costs the consumer less money during the healing process.  Often times patients have to be seen multiple times by more than one MD before they receive a prescription for physical therapy for a condition that required physical therapy services from the very beginning.  Direct Access can decrease the amount of time, money, and pain that is experienced too often following an injury. With the rising health care costs, consumers want relief fast with minimal financial burden.  Physical therapy is the most cost effective means to recovering from an injury.



What Our Patients Are Saying
“These guys are THE BOMB!” - Alex C
"Their love for PT and the healing it provides is immediately obvious." - Gary M.
"This place sets the standard that ALL health care professionals should strive to achieve." - Gary F.
"The staff is friendly, thoughtful and caring... Moriarty PT stands above and beyond the rest." - Elaine H.
"By far, the best physical therapy option in the Hudson Valley!” - Matt C.