Are you experiencing pain with your first few steps out of bed?  Do you find yourself avoiding stairs or reaching over your head?  Are you having a difficult time performing those activities you enjoy because of limitations in your movement?  Are you struggling to get through a work day?  We can help you find the solutions to these problems through an Exploration Visit at Moriarty Physical Therapy.

An Exploration Visit is a Free Consultation with a Licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy to EXPLORE the challenges you may be having with movement.

This one-on-one consult with a movement specialist can help address:

  • Pain with movement
  • Restrictions in movement
  • Difficulty completing work related activities
  • Performing recreation/sports activities

The purpose of the consultation is to help you determine the source of your pain and movement restrictions and help find a solution to these challenges you may have while moving your body throughout the day.

If it is found that you would benefit from physical therapy services during the Exploration Visit, an examination can be performed through Direct Access (physical therapy without a prescription, covered by insurance).

If the results of the consultation require services from another Healthcare Professional, our team at Moriarty Physical Therapy can make those appropriate referrals for you to expedite the process and help you achieve your goals.

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What Our Patients Are Saying
“These guys are THE BOMB!” - Alex C
"Their love for PT and the healing it provides is immediately obvious." - Gary M.
"This place sets the standard that ALL health care professionals should strive to achieve." - Gary F.
"The staff is friendly, thoughtful and caring... Moriarty PT stands above and beyond the rest." - Elaine H.
"By far, the best physical therapy option in the Hudson Valley!” - Matt C.