“These guys are THE BOMB!”

Alex C

“If you hate the idea of physical therapy as much as I did, you owe it to yourself to give Moriarty Physical Therapy a try. Centrally located, with easy-in-easy-out access right off of Route 55 in Arlington, the atmosphere at Moriarty’s is more like a family than a factory. Where else can you have heat applied by Batwoman (the doctors and staff dress up for Halloween)? Or pet Gracie the Therapy Dog while you grimace through an edema massage? Or be given a say in what music gets played while you’re there? I was referred to Moriarty’s by my son, to the man he calls “Dr. Quinn, Magic Man”, when after surgery to repair my mangled ankle, my foot was being described as “a balloon with toes”. When I first arrived, I could just barely squeeze my foot into a bedroom slipper. Now, after having worked with the staff at Moriarty’s for a few weeks, it almost resembles a normal foot again. The doctors on the staff are adept at keeping the mood light during sessions, while at the same time being serious about helping you to heal. I’ve witnessed them working with patients running in age from infants to octogenerians, with equal facility. Their love for PT and the healing it provides is immediately obvious. So if you’re like me and are having your doubts, go ahead and give Moriarty Physical Therapy a try…and be sure to tell them Gary Mac sent you!”

Gary M.

“I would like to extend a HUGE thank you to Moriarty Physical Therapy. The level of personal care they provide is unseen in today’s world. This place sets the standard that ALL health care professionals should strive to achieve. I would especially like thank doctors Jim, Kyle, and John for taking such a committed and personal interest in my recovery. Everyone went above and beyond what was expected and they helped me overcome the ailment that I went there to fix. I loved working with them all. Every single staff member here is super nice, and most of all, highly competent. It is very rare to see doctors nowadays who actually know what they are doing. I would recommend Moriarty to anyone that needs physical therapy.”

Gary F.

“Deciding who to trust when it comes to choosing a Physical Therapist is as important as deciding who will perform your surgery. No surgery will have a good outcome if you don’t get the right PT afterwards. Moriarty PT not only has a large gym with lots of equipment, but it also has top notch doctors and therapists. The staff is friendly, thoughtful and caring. I have been to numerous Physical Therapy places in the area over the last 20 years, but Moriarty PT stands above and beyond the rest. My heartfelt thanks to Dr. Quinn and his staff for outstanding care.”

Elaine H.

“The staff are amazing in that they troubleshoot any problems you may be experiencing but can’t exactly articulate. In my opinion I would highly recommend a friend and family member to this Facility. The Hands on approach is extremely helpful, and the commrodery of the staff is a family like atmosphere. I thank all of the staff for there added help in my recovery.”

Michelle W.

“The entire staff was phenomenal!! They go above and beyond to accommodate you and the atmosphere was great! I’ve been here 3 time’s for therapy and when it was all said and done i was in tip top shape and I highly recommend Moriarty PT to anyone in need of therapy!”

Chaz T.

“Very grateful for the treatment I received at moriarity. Staff was excellent and created a very welcoming environment! By far, the best physical therapy option in the Hudson Valley”

Matt C.

“Orthopedic Surgeon told me I needed surgery for my knee , fortunately I decided to try pt first, these guys got me from not being able to walk downstairs to hiking the entire Colorado trail 487 miles 3 months later . Everyone worked hard with me to get me there!”

Athena T.

“Dr. John Quinn is a highly dedicated and motivated provider of Physical Therapy. I have heard him lecture and in addition to being impressed by what I heard, he is also well known throughout the community. He exudes a “can do” attitude which spreads to those he treats as well as to those around him. Great sense of humour as well!”

Jo Ann B.

“My 16 yr old daughter has always complained of back problems. Between an issue with scoliosis, horseback riding and gymnastics playing a big part of her life, along with being tall she’s always had problems with back pain. After seeing Dr. John Quinn for just a few visits, whatever techniques he used she has yet to experience any pain. He has a very easygoing way along with a good sense of humor and she felt very comfortable with him. Thank you Dr. Quinn!”

Diane C.

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What Our Patients Are Saying
“These guys are THE BOMB!” - Alex C
"Their love for PT and the healing it provides is immediately obvious." - Gary M.
"This place sets the standard that ALL health care professionals should strive to achieve." - Gary F.
"The staff is friendly, thoughtful and caring... Moriarty PT stands above and beyond the rest." - Elaine H.
"By far, the best physical therapy option in the Hudson Valley!” - Matt C.