A Higher Standard of Care

Moriarty Physical Therapy has been the leader in physical therapy services for patients in Dutchess County New York for 40 years. We have been able to maintain a greater level of success with our patients by holding our Doctors to a higher standard than any other professionals in the region. Medical Doctors, Surgeons, and other Healthcare Providers in the region recognize Moriarty Physical Therapy as the premier Physical Therapy Center in the region. We have achieved this level of success by maintaining a warm bedside manner, a lighthearted environment, and a personalized touch with all of our patients to get them moving in the right direction!

Treatment By Doctors of Physical Therapy

Moriarty Physical Therapy is the only Physical Therapy Office in the region that is solely owned and operated by Doctors of Physical Therapy (DPT). Doctors of Physical Therapy receive a higher level of training in examination techniques and medical screening techniques than other treating therapists. This higher level of training allows for more detailed examinations through Direct Access (walk-in examinations without a prescription), advanced treatment methods, along with faster recovery times for our patients. All treatment is prescribed by DPT’s and patients are re-examined during every treatment. Dr. Moriarty and Dr. Quinn work with their team of DPTs to maximize the outcome potential of every patient without relying on only one Doctor of Physical Therapy’s training alone.

Privately Owned Practice

Moriarty Physical Therapy is owned privately by Doctors of Physical Therapy. Treatment of patients is not dictated by a corporation to increase revenue by sacrificing patient care. Many of these larger groups have patients treated by ancillary staff that are not Physical Therapists or Doctors of Physical Therapy. Physical Therapists within these larger groups are treating up to eight patients simultaneously, which decreases the effectiveness of treatment, involves no manual therapy, and most often results in treatment times of under 20 minutes. This results in prolonged treatment times and increased cost out of a patient’s pocket. As a privately owned facility, our patients are treated only by Doctors of PT, and each patient is given personalized care and treatment. Our patients are not seen as numbers but as individual people requiring individualized care.

Personalized Treatment

All patients treated at Moriarty Physical Therapy receive personalized treatment tailored to maximize rehabilitation potential while minimizing the financial burden of recovering from injury. Patients are treated with advanced manual techniques and prescribed patient specific treatment methods to facilitate a faster recovery time. Patients are given detailed information as to the nature of their specific injury, the reasons why specific treatments are being performed, and what the prognosis is for their recovery.

Our Family Treating Your Family

Moriarty Physical Therapy is the longest family owned and operated Physical Therapy Office in the region. We are generations of healthcare providers dedicated to helping other families during some of the most difficult times of healing. We pride ourselves on focusing on the individual, not the injury. We understand that healing process can be difficult, and many times it takes more than just a treating Doctor’s education and techniques to get a patient to a full recovery.

What Our Patients Are Saying
“These guys are THE BOMB!” - Alex C
"Their love for PT and the healing it provides is immediately obvious." - Gary M.
"This place sets the standard that ALL health care professionals should strive to achieve." - Gary F.
"The staff is friendly, thoughtful and caring... Moriarty PT stands above and beyond the rest." - Elaine H.
"By far, the best physical therapy option in the Hudson Valley!” - Matt C.